Our Story

It is only fitting that Wild Drift a company whose mission it is to Inspire Teams was itself the brainchild of a team’s inspiration. Our story began when two schoolmates Rukmal De Silva and Anuruddha Bandara, ventured forth to realize the destiny of their passions by founding Wild Drift. June 2001 saw the budding company conduct its first programs at Belihuloya and since then the accolades and industry-wide recognition has flowed in.

Some of our major milestones...

June 2001: Wild Drift was chosen to host the Leadership Academy for JCI Sri Lanka which subsequently won "The World’s Most Outstanding Leadership Development" program.

September 2004: Wild Drift completes the delivery of 100 training programs.

March 2006: Wild Drift sets up its first off-shore site in Goa (India)and delivers the first program at this location for Aztrazenica, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company.

July 2006: Wild Drift completes the delivery of 200 training programs.