Drive collaboration and teamwork through our learning-oriented games and team building activities. Redesigned for the new standard, our in-person training sessions come equipped with new games and strategies, and can be curated to meet your exact needs.


Bond with your team and improve morale through our game-filled virtual team building programme. Featuring icebreakers, games and more tools, this online programme helps you build strong remote teams that are energised and connected..

In-Person Events

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How We Do
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With two decades of experience, our clients trust us because we offer:
Co-Creation – We work with you to find a solution that meets your team building goals
Fresh Designs – We develop new games and activities to provide you with a fresh team-building experience.
Magical Touch – We mix the magical training experience with the best trainers in the industry to deliver impactful results.
Support & Follow-up – We make sure you receive long-term, sustainable results.
Events Experience

Expert Facilitators

Facilitators who can relate to the top senior management as well as the shop floor staff.

Multiple Locations

Freedom to choose from 20+ locations depending on the budget, distance, convenience, and experience preferences.


Our experiences are carefully curated remember forever

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Take a look at the latest additions to our collection of games. We are always looking for ways to help your team work better together.


Run against the time to score your maximum
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Master Boozter

Take gin, wine or whiskey tasting to the next level!
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Murder Mystery

Solve our 500-year-old unsloved murder mystery.
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Jigsaw Sweeper

Navigate a minefield of jigsaw pieces!
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Take your troops out to sea and sink all the enemy ships!
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Mocktail Challenge

A great way to enhance your imagination while sipping on a Mocktail.
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Corporate Snake & Ladders

Roll the dice, avoid the snakes and get to the finish line!
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Alphabet Soup

Send your team on a wild goose chase to match the description!
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A team of professionals who know what they are doing, our team ensures that you always accomplish your goals.

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