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Run against the time to score your maximum These sets of lights will light up randomly or in a sequence, according to the need of the game. Players are always kept at the edge because they don’t know what to expect. They will run here and there, not knowing what the next step is. More […]
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Office Squid Game Team Building Challenge

Office Squid Game Challenge

Dive into the Office Squid Squid Game Challenge: Spice Up Your Office Routine with Pre-Event and Event Day Thrills! Get ready to shake up your office routine with the Office Squid Squid Game Challenge! We’re bringing the excitement of event day thrills right to your workplace. Brace yourselves for an unforgettable experience where teams will […]
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Murder Mystery

Can your team solve this 500-year-old murder mystery? Teams must use their Sherlock skills to solve a 500-year-old murder mystery. Some clues must be found, and some clues must be extracted. At the end, players must answer questions in order to find out who accurately solved the mystery. More Details
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Mocktail Challenge

A great way to enhance your imagination while sipping on a Mocktail. Every cocktail/mocktail has a story. Your team is required to make a cocktail/mocktail with the selection of ingredients we provide. But it’s not all about the taste. It’s about the taste, the look, the presentation, and the stories of inspiration. More Details
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Corporate Snake & Ladders

Roll the dice, avoid the snakes and get to the finish line! A corporate twist on the classic game of Snakes and Ladders, this game requires players to face workplace-related challenges to progress. Start at square one, roll the dice, and whoever gets to the finish line first, wins! More Details
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Alphabet Soup

Send your team on a wild goose chase to match the description! Alphabet Soup is played in teams, players run around the office or home looking for items to match the description. A game that requires players to be strategic when earning points, it goes beyond simply matching the item to the description. More Details
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Treasure Hunt

Complete challenges to win a million gold coins! This game requires players to face challenges to get the clues to move forward. Backed with the support of their team, players who overcome the challenges are rewarded at the end of the game with a treasure. More Details
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Emoji Bingo

Can your team decode the emojis in this game of bingo? A language that plays a huge part in day-to-day communications, emojis can sometimes be difficult to decipher. A twist on the classic game of bingo, this game requires you to decode phrases and words, which are given in emojis. Once you guess all the […]
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Amazing Stories

Explore your team’s creative potential! Players are given random words which they must then string together to come up with a great story. A game that brings out everyone’s creative talents in a safe and empowering environment, Amazing Stories is won by the team that presents the most creative story. More Details
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