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Murder Mystery

Can your team solve this 500-year-old murder mystery? Teams must use their Sherlock skills to solve a 500-year-old murder mystery. Some clues must be found, and some clues must be extracted. At the end, players must answer questions in order to find out who accurately solved the mystery. More Details
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Jigsaw Sweeper

Navigate a minefield of jigsaw pieces! A twist on the game of putting together a jigsaw puzzle, players must sweep through a minefield to find the pieces to complete the picture. Players rely on their team members for clues and instructions to carefully navigate the minefield. More Details
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Take your troops out to sea and sink all the enemy ships! Teams will place their fleets at sea and prepare for battle. Once the game begins, each team will attempt to sink each other’s ships without any knowledge of where the ships are placed. Battleship is a game that requires strategy, integrity, and performing […]
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Corporate Snake & Ladders

Roll the dice, avoid the snakes and get to the finish line! A corporate twist on the classic game of Snakes and Ladders, this game requires players to face workplace-related challenges to progress. Start at square one, roll the dice, and whoever gets to the finish line first, wins! More Details
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Alphabet Soup

Send your team on a wild goose chase to match the description! Alphabet Soup is played in teams, players run around the office or home looking for items to match the description. A game that requires players to be strategic when earning points, it goes beyond simply matching the item to the description. More Details
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Treasure Hunt

Complete challenges to win a million gold coins! This game requires players to face challenges to get the clues to move forward. Backed with the support of their team, players who overcome the challenges are rewarded at the end of the game with a treasure. More Details
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Bar Crawling

Take your team on a virtual bar hopping adventure! A quick game that tests attention spans and alertness, this game gives players clues about famous pubs and bars around Colombo. The first team to find all the pubs and bars, with the most number of people standing at the end of the crawl, wins. More […]
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Minute to get it

A million-dollar prize awaits the team with the best vocabulary. The team will choose a random set of letters within a minute. They will then get time in a breakout room to discuss and come up with the best word they can. This is a great ice breaker to get the teams comfortable with each […]
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Bank Robbery

Can your team turn into detectives to solve a bank robbery? This game requires the team to solve a case on behalf of the police. Players are given a large number of clues and a limited amount of time to solve the case. The challenge is to organise and evaluate the information effectively within a […]
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FB Bingo

Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook just got more challenging! A game of match the description, FB Bingo requires players to scroll through social media. Players get in the hot seat to scroll through social media and find something similar to the description given before their competitor beats them to it. More Details
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